About 5J


If you were to walk through Greenwich Village in the late 50’s through the mid 60’s, chances are you would encounter a people who were driven by their passions.  Singers, musicians, painters, poets, writers, and other creatives building art together.   It is this spirit that still remains in the floorboards, and stained on the windows that face the Hudson at 5J Barrow.  Born in the fall of 2011, 5J has been building their audience piece by piece by putting on an explosive live show that takes the listener through a wide range of intensities and styles.  The songs reflect observations of their environment as well as audio snapshots of their own lives.  

For those out there with a hunger for music that explores creativity, story telling, and musicianship, one need look no further than 5j Barrow to satisfy their cravings.


5j Barrow

Eryn Murman (Vocals)
Jason Hite (Vocals, Guitar)
Eric Namaky (Vocals, Keyboard)
Michael Hunter (Violin)
Ian Hunt (Percussion)
Drew Jones (Bass)